Three Magic Numbers

Getting a property to look its camera-ready best is a much less dramatic than what you see on TV.  But it’s your money, your future, and it’s crucial to first determine - then do - the very best you can, from Day One.

Three numbers I counsel my sellers to keep in mind, to guide their decisions as they prepare their house for sale:

5-6 Seconds

Listing photos drive traffic to a property; it’ll cost you if they aren’t the best they can be. Online viewing is a given, but use of mobile devices is skyrocketing. Buyers are scanning new listings on their phones and tablets 24/7.

 If you’re looking at other properties yourself, you know this to be true: listing photos have maybe 5-6 seconds to engage a buyer, determining if they’ll stick around and find out more, or CLICK! move on. Want a real eye-opener? Right now, take pictures of your house and view them on your computer screen.

1.5-2 Minutes

We‘ve all heard ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’…have you ever known it not to be true? (Me neither)

Once your property is in sight, the clock starts, and in less than 2 minutes they will decide if your property will merit further consideration. So *if* you have to make hard choices, front-load your efforts. I am less concerned about the 5th BR or the basement, than I am about what they first see.

  • Is the house well lit, the property neat, maintained and in good repair?
  • Is the entry uncluttered and welcoming?
  • Are the expected rooms-LR, DR, Kitchen bright?  Are the colors/décor current? Will buyers be able to see the space-or your stuff?

30 Days

Every new seller is given a gift of 30 days: their listing is new and fresh, and everyone wants to see it. After 30 days, not so much. Pricing it right is just as important as maintaining the show-ready state. Two reasons why you’ll want to give it all you’ve got those critical first 30 days:

  • Typically, the most traffic, and biggest and best-quality offers come in those first 30 days. After 30 days other buyers (who are scared to death of missing the right house/choosing the wrong house)-will assume those that saw it before passed because of problems, so they will too.
  • The quicker the right buyer chooses your property, the lower your carrying costs will be. The longer the house sits on the market, the more it will cost you-taxes, insurance, mortgage, etc…while in all likelihood you’ll also have to resort to price cuts to stoke new interest in your old listing.

Preparing a property for sale is a unique and personal process. It’s a series of solutions make sense in your market, match your goals and abilities with your expectations and resources, and support your price point.

Experience has shown me motivated sellers can do a lot more than they think they can, once they have a plan. AND they usually have more resources available than they think they do!

Getting ready to sell? Talk to me TODAY about getting your property noticed, and SOLD!

By Marie Graham, The Refreshed Home, an accredited staging professional and interior decorator.