Meeting Your Goals

Your goals are our goals

When you make the important decision to sell your home and move on, you know it might take time and effort to achieve your financial and personal home-sale goals. We will work with you to achieve those goals as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Westchester Real Estate Home Marketing System
It takes more than a yard sign and a smile to sell a home. Our Home Marketing System is a planned, systematic approach to selling your home. We start by carefully reviewing the features of your home with you. Then we discuss the special characteristics that make your home stand out in a crowd. These features and characteristics will be compiled to share with prospective buyers as well as real estate professionals who may have potential buyers for your home. As we discuss the various features and characteristics of your home, we can help you look at it from prospective buyers' viewpoints. As experienced professionals, we can offer tips on how to give your home more curb appeal as well as ideas on how to create the most positive interior appeal. If additional expertise is warranted, we can suggest the appropriate professionals to assist you.

Establishing a listing price
Our Home Market Analysis will help us to establish a realistic price range for your home. But YOU determine the actual listing price! With our Home Marketing System, we'll show you how your goals determine the actual listing price. If your goal is to sell quickly, your home should be listed on the lower end of the price range determined by the Home Market Analysis. On the other hand, you may be in no hurry and more interested in obtaining maximum equity from the sale of your home. If that is the case, the higher end of the price range may be more to your satisfaction. But we must always remember that ultimately it is the buyer who will determine the value. By establishing a realistic - yet ambitious - listing price for your home, we can help increase the percentage of prospective buyers who will look at your property. And what's more, we can help assure that your property is viewed by those individuals who have a valid interest in your home.

Getting buyers to your door
The Westchester Real Estate "FOR SALE" sign in your yard may be one of the first visual signals that your home is on the market. But it's only the very beginning of our strategy to give your home the exposure it needs. Our entire sales force will be made aware of your home's availability and its special features and characteristics. An open house may be held to introduce our sales force to your home. And what's more, we'll introduce your home to professional associates throughout our local real estate community. Prospective buyers may be found by many other firms - so we'll mobilize the entire real estate sales force to find just the right buyer for your home. Buyer open houses, monthly newsletter inserts, highlight cards mailed directly to our buyers who are interested in homes like yours, special features flyers to help viewers spot and remember your home's unique characteristics, extensive exposure on various web sites, and a carefully planned local neighborhood awareness campaign are some of the options your sales associate will select from in designing a strategy to market your home.

Closing to your advantage
Finding the right buyer is only the beginning of our efforts to help you achieve your home-sale goals. Your Westchester Real Estate sales associate will personally present all offers from qualified buyers and help you to negotiate the most favorable terms for your sale. We can answer your questions, and help you understand your options. Once the purchase agreement is signed by you and your buyer, we'll handle all the details necessary to close the sale. From beginning to end, your Westchester Real Estate sales associate will be there to protect your interest ... to help you meet your goals, and... to help steer you through the red tape that precedes closing.

Moving on
We can even help you find the home you'd like to move into next. Ask how our systematic approach to home buying can help you avoid wild goose chases when you're looking for your next home! And if you're moving beyond our market reach, be it across the state or across the globe, we will use our extensive resources and professional connections to find the right sales associate to assist you with all your real estate needs in your new destination.

The Westchester Real Estate Experience
Westchester Real Estate is a network of local real estate firms that have joined to give you the advantages of our local real estate expertise combined with the marketing power of a larger group. And that's important! Because without our local expertise, you might be guessing at what your home could sell for in your area ... and without our marketing power and referral connections, you could risk missing out on the more than one-third of home buyers nationally who relocate into a new community.

By Gail Fattizzi, Executive Director of Westchester Real Estate, Inc., Licensed Real Estate Broker